Added March 7, 2006

This big titted nurse has the right prescription for any tit lover. Her massive rack bounces up and down as her tight pussy gets penetrated.

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While Violet doesn't have the typical pornstar look, she's still one incredible hot chick. I might mention her beautiful eyes, but I guess her nice big ass and her unbelievable rack actually outgun those easily. In her PrimeCups debut, we see her dressed up as a "nurse" - well, no nurse I've ever heard of wears an ultra short latex suit with a hell of a cleavage (and at the same time being hardly able to cover her ass), black stockings (incl suspenders) and stripper heels at work. But whether you are into nurse fantasies or not - Violet looks totally amazing in that dress, which looks like it has been tailored onto her ultra-curvy, well-rounded body. We start out with the major (but pretty much only) weakness of this episode: The well-known teasing part is way too short here. It only takes 90 seconds until her nipples start popping out, and not even 2 minutes until she fully bares her (admittedly OUTSTANDING) boobs. What a bummer... this outfit was [i]made[/i] for teasing. Anyway, even if you love the teasing parts as much as I do, you actually won't mind all-too much, because what you get to see is unbelievable. At least if you are into humongous, heavy, full, juicy tits with a beautiful shape only natural tits can have. Oh boy, I could spend all day just watching a rack like this hanging down in all it's beauty. Unfortunately we are denied that view for a while, because she starts right away with some (a bit too clumsy, hectic and uncoordinated) titplay, while the camera moves too fast from angle to angle to angle... But do not fear, after another 2 minutes the camera guy interferes, showing her how to jiggle 'em so you see more than just her well-manicured hands. It's getting a bit better from here. We now get some clear front views on her perfect breasts, with some (handless) jiggling and bouncing involved. And even better bottom-up views, while she plays with her shaved and fine pussy (oh yeah girl, keep your hands there for a while please). Sadly, we still have some too-fast cuts (usually just when we were finally getting a nice, unobstructed view). When she turns around, you'll get another WOW. Her big, round ass is just as spectacular as her boobs, the stockings and the tiny G-String perfectly frame her butt like they were made just for it. Another view that only lasts for 1 or 2 seconds, since she immediately has to bend over and take off her panties, so no ass-worshiping here (at least not from a stand-straight-angle). Anyways, that was the last disappointment, and it's all uphill from here. We get more and longer clear views, and her occasional titplay is improving - especially after she oiled up that hot body of hers. After around 13 minutes, the actions begins. She starts out with a blowjob (with a long and clear and amazing bottom-up view on her slowly bouncing wonders and her tight pink pussy). When she gets "drived" to the first deepthroat attempt, she's so surprised that she almost chokes and hectically shies away with a facial expression that's just priceless :twisted:. After some throat fucking, we skip to the vaginal sex part. Starting out with a reverse cowgirl position, that delivers some very VERY nice bouncing and clapping (yay!) of her unbelievable jugs. Also the fucking part is very intense, and it [i]actually[/i] looks like she is totally horny and getting off to it (sometimes it even seems like she tries to *suppress* her happy, grateful and satisfied smile while getting pounded). Great action (pretty much my favorite b/g performance on PrimeCups so far), and really awesome and steady and fitting camera angles during the whole act. At the end (around 30 minutes) we get some tittyfucking before the guy sprays a huge load right onto her boobs, which then she rubs all over 'em, to oil 'em up again. So what we got here? An incredible hot girl in an outfit that's just as hot (yay). Not much teasing, and too much titplay (with too fast, hectic and artificial movements) in the very beginning (bleh). A nice interlude with oiling up and giving head with very nice views and angles (yay). AWESOME fucking action, with almost unmatched bouncing, jiggling and *clap clap* of her jugs, while she really seems to get off to it, with the camera guy doing an amazing job (yay). Let's say 4.5/5, rounded up to a 5/5 - More of her, pretty please.


A litte bit more teasing in the beginning wouldn't have hurt, but still one of my favorite PrimeCups vidoes. This one delivers the definition of juicy boobs, btw. Hope we gonna see more of her in the future.