Sensual Jane

Added June 18, 2023

Sensual Jane is a naughty brunette with melon-sized natural boobs. She gets her pussy drilled and her titties creamed in spunk.

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Sensual Jane


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What a waste! Jane is super sexy but took way too long to get to the action and then the action itself was sub par!

Gabe - Perfectgonzo

And you are satisfied with what you saw then ? :)


Sensual Jane is the reason I joined to this site for view her show in 4K. Mi favorite girl in porn. We miss you.

Deep Cream Pie Fan

One of my own personal favourite women in the adult industry. Beautiful with a perfect figure and a lusty attitude. Great performer with a great body, So sad that she is retired now. She will be missed and I wish her lots of happiness whatever she's doing now.


Please, please bring her back, she is by far one of the finest girls you have, she does anal to, please have her again, thank.


Hot girl, worst camera "work". Who's ever filming these really does blow...way more than the girls do! Extreme closeups, for most of the time. Stupid camera angles, MOST OF THE TIME. Try filming with a tripod, put the models full frame...then LEAVE THE BUILDING!!
Who wants to see the girls bodies one piece at a time??? Back the camera up, keep it steady, and let us see whats going on!!
Or is that to much to ask from porn?


Bring her back for a great creampie scene!


Next step 2 on 1 !!!


OMG! bring her back ASAP!


This girl instantly will live you dumbfounded, with her sexy face and her huge natural tits. She knows how to tease you playing with her big boobs and showing her long legs and perfect ass. Also, you can see her wonderful tanned skin that you can imagine how smooth it is. Sensual Jane, is a master of cock sucking. She sucks dick like if it was made of candy, taking all the flavor out of it. It's glorious to see those big boobs bouncing and moving in diverse sexual positions. In few words, Sensual Jane is a sexy boobalicious girl with nice oral skills and a big libido. I wish I can see her later on Give Me Pink. 9/10 [-Ramon]


This tits are just epic!!!
A really giant pair of tits, the best thing they are 100% natural and that combined with a slim body - absolutely perfect! Because of that breathtaking  body we for sure really can say that Sensual Jane was born for porn.

Already watching Jane teasing in the beginning beeing dressed in that sexy short and very tight pink dress was brillant - was really hard to resist and not alread cum here... But it gets even better! :) Watching Sensual Jane getting fucked is just wonderful. You really can't keep you eyes of that perfectly shaped giant tits bouncing with every stroke in such a unique and impressive way. Especially the camera angels at 36:00 in doggy and 38:00 in reverse cowgirl are just priceless.

So we have perfect tits on a fantastic girl in great action = definitly 10/10!!!


Fuck! She's perfect, bring her back. And no way she looks like Lisa Ann, she's much hotter.


Sensual Jane is a dark-haired amazon-type looking woman with wonderful big breasts. She reminds me of porn star Lisa Ann when she was younger. Jane is not necessarily my dream girl, but I'm definitely excited to watch her in action. This is a Prime Cups video so the focus is going to be on her massive breasts, but, as the video starts, take a look at Jane's really nice legs. She's wearing a skin-tight shocking pink body hugging fabric with holes in all the right places. Enjoy the teasing as she displays her nipples thru some of the holes. At 9:00 she brings her tits out to play and I love it when she licks and sucks her nipples. At 17:00 the focus drifts down to the warm spot between her legs and she strips her panties off by 19:00. I particularly enjoy the view of her playing with herself on her knees looking back toward the camera. The closeup of her pussy and the long shot of the pleasure on her face is a real turn on. At 21:00 there's a really nice image of her playing with her breasts, with kind of a POV look. Really nice detail for us breast men. The male talent enters the scene about half way thru the movie bringing stylish one-on-one sex. I enjoy the look at 37:00 as her hanging breasts rock as her fucks her pussy doggie style. At 38:00, enjoy her rocking breasts as she rides his cock. A great view of her sucking his cock follows at 47:00. And a nice close up of her breasts being fucked by his hard cock at 49:00 followed by a nice cumshot all over her boobs.