Added September 25, 2007

Two guys fuck this incredibly busty chick. Her natural tits are out of this world! After penetrating her tight pussy both guys ejaculate all over her breasts.

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She is sooo hot, the camera "work" is sooooooo NOT!


Lola is freaking gorgeous !!!


I love this take, cameraman awesome, dressing and girl Top, I must repeat, Love all your movies, cause the cameraman is EXCELLENT aswell as Girls, Performers generally, Tease and wonderfull clothings!


This little bitch is smoking hot, since watching her videos I have dreampt about ehr the last two nights in a row and woke up rock hard. I've seen her photos from since she was only 18 and her hot young body has made my cock so fucking hard for years. She is easily one of the hottest porn stars of all time.


Lola is what I call sexy, sweet and very horny. If you like the girl next door who can be nasty yet sweet at the same time then lola is your girl. She has very large breast but not the fake hard as rocks kind. She is the girl that you would love to bring home to mom and not just pump and dump. In her scenes she flirts a lot with the camera and draws you in with her dazzling assets. I cannot wait until she does anal. Oh and please lets have more brunettes and les slutty blondes.


Lola is a Primecups specialist. Just looks at her tits, they are big and natural, like Primecups fans like. In this scene she fucks two guys but only in the pussy. I have to say that she looks hotter than ever. We have plenty of time to see great boobs bouncing while she gets fucked, sucks another cock... The first cumshot is amazing, the guy cums while tit-fucking her, VERY HOT! Excellent scene if you like girls with big natural tits.


Lola is a perfect candidate for a hot PrimeCups video. With her stunning breasts but well-toned body she is beautiful to watch as she takes on two guys. The beginning of the movie is not that appealing as Lola is dressed like a slut from the 70's with white lacy bra, tap pants and leggings. For some reason, her face looks older than the 23 years she claims, but her beautiful body seems young and ready for love. After talking briefly (thank you!) with the cameraman, she shows off her stunning breasts about 3:30 into the video. I love the images of her pinching and licking her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Very nice! After removing her panties and playing with herself, she is "surprised" to see two naked studs behind a glass wall, stroking their cocks while watching her. They lick her breasts through the glass. After she walks around the room to join them, the threesome action begins. We watch from below as she alternates sucking their cocks. While a bit jumpy, the camera angle gives us a nice view of her perfect breasts as she sucks away. The guys briefly takes turns fucking her pussy while still standing, but it takes teamwork to hold her and the guys have trouble keeping their cocks inside her. They all laugh as they attempt the awkward position. Nice try but next position please. Lola climbs aboard for some soild reverse cowgirl riding, her breasts bouncing beautifully during the journey. During the last quarter of the movie, the guys use her leggings as headscarves, adding some humor to the video. A strong scene for me is the doggie-style scene with Lola looking very hot on a rotating couch. The guys spin her around, alternating who fucks her pussy and who gets his cock sucked. One guy feigns tears since he wanted to stay inside her pussy a little longer. All three worked well together in the movie, something I don't usually notice. The movie ends with a strong finish as one guy shoots a solid stream of cum after titty-fucking Lola -- no jerking off necessary for this guy! He gives her a pretty white necklace as a parting gift. The second guy jerks off, but quickly, adding a second strong of pearls to Lola's accessories. For some reason, Lola now looks stunningly beautiful with a sticky rack and a string of cum running down her mouth. A well-executed application of makeup! 9/10