Aida Sweet

Added June 27, 2020

Teen newcomer Aida Sweet comes with a fresh set of natural C cup boobs. She gets them fondled, fucked and then jizzed upon.

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Aida Sweet


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More please, this was top notch, many thanks


Aida has a lot going for her. Let's skip all that and get down to what matters: her rockin' tits. It takes a while for us to see them, or perhaps it seemed that way because the reward was so sweet. Her tits are not huge, per se, but have that great tear-drop shape that I love. Thankfully, she does a lot of teasing in this video with oils and toys. She makes great eye contact and interacts well with the camera. If this is her first video, she has been doing her homework. She sucks a mean dick, and remembers to smile and reach out to the viewer from time to time. I love the way she changes her tone and rhythm as the intensity of the video increases. She does a great job of moaning and screaming as you stare at two bouncing, hypnotic tits. She takes a shot across her breasts while we get to hear her catch her breath. Great video. I can't wait until I see her in more.


Aida sweet is incredibly beautiful girl. Her teasing intro was insanely hot, one of the more hotter scenes i've seen. I love the short jeans and top. Th girl has beautiful smile and lips. The essence of a porn scene is the beauty the girl shows to start with, then you can begin to enjoy the scene more.

The scene itself is well done with the guy coming and teasing her touching and kissing. He doesn't hasten things up which for this particular scene I felt work due to the nature of the star. Seeing that gorgeous mouth and lips suck on his cock was a sight to behold and will definitely turn people on. The eventual fucking was a bit slow at times though the guy did try out a few positions. Her pussy was incredibly smooth and he fucked her well enough. Shame on the no Anal thing but maybe in the future.

The Guy decent in this scene though could have added a bit more aggression to his sex when she looked like she wanted it. I've always wanted squat position with aggressive fucking as I think that's a really great position to watch sex in.

The cumshot was done on her tits which makes sense for this particular scene but I think Gonzo might want to merge PrimeCups with something else as I don't think there is that much of a demand for cum on tits but that's just my opinion. Aida definitely needs to do more scenes she has a great smile. I'd give this scene a 7.5/10. Good job./


Aida is cute, slightly tanned, with perfect boobs, big nipples and a shaved snatch. Lovely dark hair and a cheeky smile. Not too sure about that rose tattoo. There's a nice tease and her tits get well oiled. They look edible! We see pussy first meet dick at 33:00. She's looking wet and hot for it. They go through a few positions with her fondling her boobs and it all looks good. He pops on her tits and she smiles like a Cheshire cat. A solid 8/10.


This is the best scene I ever saw in porn ever. even with James. kkkk imagine a dude with a 10 inch cock fucking her. Thats the only thing missing on this site. She is amazing, bring her back!!!!!!!


Aida Sweet is an all true natural beauty. She loves playing with her nice and big nipples, pinching and hanging her big C cup boobs with them; details that make her even a more special performer. The way she smiles along with her gaze, creates a strong connection with the viewer, something that is very difficult to achieve; and also from time to time she bites her lower lip making a stronger innuendo with spectator. She knows how to strip in a slow and sensual manner, but also touching and playing with herself. The interaction with the male performer is also quite formidable, sucking his cock in a slow and clean way but really you can see the passion in every movement. The camera angle in which you can see Aida from her navel to her face while she is being fucked in doggy style is amazing. Finally, the ending shows how she enjoys having cum on her breasts. Definitely, we want to see more of her in the future! [-Ramon]


Aida is a young Romanian and about the cutest girl ever seen on Perfect Gonzo. She has the sweetest young face, almost always smiling, with long dark brown hair. She's at least a 9, although I don't like her tattoo, but I'm so smitten with her I've gotta go 10! Very cute teasing in the beginning. The neon green zipper bikini is so awesome though I'm not sure it's all that comfortable for her. Just unzip, and view her lovely nipples. Wish she'd have given them a lick.
Lots of breast play with a dildo and the guy's cock and why not? She is not a big girl but has wonderful breasts, just the right size for her body. She gives a nice cock sucking, once again with a big sexy smile and great eye conctact. The sex is straight one-on-one with vaginal penetration in various positions. She has such a nice tan body and great rack that the movement of her body is very sexy. You can tell that the stud has a nice time performning with her. A nice single cumshot all over her fantastic breasts. And she loves every bit of it, rubbing it in like fine lotion. This girl has a big future as a model. She is so fresh and beautiful! A great video showcasing her fine assets. mmmgood